Modern maple syrup that is 
100% pure and certified organic

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A Swiss maple syrup brand with 100% natural, antioxidants rich and naturally delicious maple syrup

Welcome to Happy Maple! Here you will find out everything you need to know more about the true taste of high quality and 100% pure maple syrup. Free of any coloring, added flavors or additives, our three variants of Canadian maple syrup offer a wide range of taste, ranging from a light, creamy flavor profile to a strong and complex maple flavor. Our maple syrup is a 100% pure and natural product, which is ideal as a natural sugar substitute.

Happy Maple doesn’t only taste amazing, it is also a better choice of sweetener when it comes to naturally replacing sugars in everyday cooking. Maple syrup is rich in antioxidants and it’s a source of vitamins and minerals like zinc, magnesium, potassium and calcium. 

Happy Maple Collection

delicate, medium or full bodied taste, there's a maple syrup for every occasion

Browse our product range to learn more about each of our offerings. Each of our maple syrup variants has been tapped at a specific day and offer different taste experience (from light to strong flavors) for a broad spectrum of uses.

Our guiding principles

Happy Maple has been inspired by our Canadian ties, the desire for a healthier sweetener in our daily lives and a demand for more transparency in where our food comes from.


Taste above all

From delicate maple notes to bold pronounced maple taste, our full range of early to late harvest syrups are delicious and packed full of flavour.


Unparalleled health benefits

A viable and healthier sugar alternative, maple syrup is rich in 67 antioxidants, as well as a source of calcium, copper, riboflavin and manganese.


From tree to table

From our producer’s farm in Canada to our local partners in Switzerland, we know exactly where our products come from with an emphasis on sustainability.

Inspiring maple recipes for your every day cuisine

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Maple is an excellent and healthier sugar alternative which can easily be used to any recipe, from breakfast, dessert to drinks. We update our recipes every now and then. Don't miss them and get inspired.

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