About Happy Maple
A modern take on maple syrup

Our maple syrup is not only a 100% pure and delicious natural sweetener, but above all, Happy Maple is a brand that seeks to inspire its community. We seek to achieve a healthier lifestyle and to acquire a more conscious and serene state of mind, to be kind to ourselves and to live in harmony with nature. We show how to integrate maple syrup into your everyday life in order to achieve a better standard of living in a simple and natural way. 

We believe in swapping traditional sweeteners like sugar and honey for a sustainable, plant based, antioxidant rich and vegan alternative that just makes you HAPPY. ​100% pure and natural maple syrup, is a delight for all epicureans, athletes, lovers of healthy and gourmet cuisine. Authentic, unprocessed and free from coloring or preservatives, it is ideal for replacing sugar in a natural way in everyday cooking.

what makes happy maple unique?

It's the process, the patience, and the origin.

Unlike large industrially produced products which are blended and quick- boiled for optimal efficiency, our products are all of our maple syrup is single-origin, and never blended. Our producer patiently boils down each batch for as long as it takes to ensure a high quality, flavour-rich experience!


Behind the brand

This hole idea began as a fun project, a side hustle between two friends from two different countries with a lot in common. Both of us have a connection to Canada, we both love healthy foods, beautiful esthetics, and we’re both toddler moms. We ditched the corporate grind and were from now pursuing our dreams of launching a product we believe in and are passionate about.

We set out on this mission to launch Happy Maple, inspired by our desire to know where the food comes from, to reduce the amount of refined sugar our family consumes and to offer a lovely product that you don't want to hide. We took on the challenge to bring not just a high quality product to the Swiss market, but to also inspire those around us on how to use maple syrup, beyond just pancakes, but especially in everyday's cuisine as a natural substitute with natural benefits. We provide recipe ideas to show how maple syrup can complement any recipe, from starter to dessert.

The idea of Happy Maple was born in 2019. We launched our brand in February 2020 and our e-shop for single origin, organic and delicious Canadian Maple Syrup in Switzerland in March 2020. We can't wait to tell you more about our journey in the years to come. 

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