About us

Inspired by our Canadian roots, the desire for a healthier sweetener in our daily lives, and a love of delicious food, we set out on a mission to share our passion for MAPLE SYRUP with our Swiss friends.

Edyta Durand & Sophie Raynaud

Founders & Maple Lovers

We’re Edyta and Sophie. Both of us are moms with a passion for feeding our families REAL wholesome food. We set out on this mission to launch HAPPY MAPLE, inspired by our Canadian roots and our desire to know where our food comes from and to reduce the amount of refined sugar our families consume.



As a Canadian, I love maple syrup- I always have.


I was so disappointed when after moving to Switzerland, I had to save space in my suitcase on each return trip from Canada for a few bottles of "the good stuff"! Years of serving up my Swiss friends maple infused culinary delights, and always having the same answer to the inevitable question "what's in this?!" I was pretty certain good quality maple syrup and education on how it can be used on the daily had a place here- and luckily Sophie agreed to undertake the task of modernizing maple syrup in wiss kitchens together with me!

My go to use for maple syrup these days? Salad dressings and refreshing seltzers...



I discovered the joys of maple syrup while living in Canada in my 20's.

I was impressed by how all of my Canadian friends seemed to use it- in everything! When I met Edyta, that Canadian love of maple syrup quickly became a topic, and we took on the challenge to bring not just a high quality product to the Swiss market, but to also inspire those around us on how to use maple syrup, beyond just pancakes.

My go to use for maple syrup these days is definitely poké bowl sauce and as a simple salmon marinade...

Erabliére des Aigles

Maple Producer in Northern Québec, Canada

This family run sugar bush at Erabliére des Aigles in Northern Québec is rooted in strong values. They focus on ensuring sustainable sugaring practices, are quality obsessed, and meticulous in how they treat the entire sugaring process.

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