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benefits of single origin maple syrup

Rich in antioxidants and essential nutrients

  • Maple syrup is a source of 67 different antioxidants

  • Maple syrup contains calcium, copper, riboflavin and manganese

  • Only 110 calories per 30ml serving 


Anything sugar can do, maple can do better

positive ecological impact of single origin maple syrup
Positive ecological contribution

The maple trees in production in Québec capture the carbon produced by the equivalent of 290,000 cars in a year. That’s 14% of all vehicles in NYC. The Québec sugar bush captures and stores 8 times the carbon that its production processes emit.


The Power of One

The “One” in this equation is you. When you choose a maple product, you contribute to the preservation of maple trees and the ecological services they provide, as well as the possibility of increasing the area of natural forests in production. If, every day for a year, you put 1 tsp maple syrup in your coffee or tea (instead 1 tsp plain sugar), you protect the life of two maple trees. Think of that… and imagine the impact that 100,000 others would have if they did the same!


Happy Maple Switzerland cares about the environment. We therefore carefully chose a producer, who harvests the maple syrup in a sustainable way in the respect of nature. You will taste the difference of our Happy Maple syrup for Switzerland!

maple syrup, a truly versatile sweetener
A truly versatile sweetener
  • Excellent in both sweet AND savoury dishes

  • Can be used raw or cooked

  • Easily replaces sugar in recipes (1 cup sugar = 2/3 cup of Happy Maple syrup, and reduce other liquid by 1/4cup)

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