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Sophie happy maple co-founder portrait



Hi everyone, I'm Sophie and I founded happy maple in 2020. After growing up in Germany and living in France and Canada, my husband's work brought us to Lausanne in 2016. We immediately fell in love with this place and left Munich to settle down in Lausanne. We love skiing, hiking and being close to water. I am full of energy, ideas, creativity and I think visually. This is why design has always been an important pillar in my life and when I launched my brand. I wanted to offer a healthier alternative to sugar, a high quality and sustainable product in a nice packaging that makes you want to use it every day. Personally, I'm more the savoury kind of person, which seems funny, given that I sell a sweetener. For me, happy maple syrup is a balancing tool in the kitchen and a sugar alternative for my son. I mainly eat vegetarian dishes. Indeed, I use the three flavors of happy maple in my daily life. Goût Délicat for my son's breakfasts and to sweeten my matcha, Goût Riche to balance my vegetable dishes, salad dressings and asian dishes, and Goût Robuste to caramelise nuts or onions. My mission with happy maple is to show how easy it is to prepare healthy and delicious dishes with seasonal, pure and high quality products. I want to inspire people to eat more consciously and to make the right choices for their health and their children's.



Hi, I'm Tosca, I curate and create all the social media content for happy maple. Although I'm freelance, I like to consider myself as part of the happy maple team because we have such a great work dynamic. I met Sophie through Instagram during covid and when we met in person, we hit it off immediately. I'm Italian, American and Swiss and live in Vaud canton. I love to cook, hike with my dog Gnocchi, horseride and dance. I use happy maple syrup to sweeten so many different recipes and my favorite one is the Goût Riche because it's the most versatile. My favorite way to use it is in my cappuccino and caramelize veggies. I have 100 half empty bottles in my fridge because of all the content and recipes I create for happy maple. 

Tosca happy maple content curator and creator portrait
Susanne happy maple content creator portrait



Hi, I'm Susanne and I take care of the website, newsletter and press relations of happy maple. I love writing and developing new communication concepts. My friendship with Sophie goes back more than 20 years and that we work together now is a lot of fun. I'm from Germany, but I live in California. I love spending time at the ocean or going on hikes in the hills right behind our house. I cook and bake a lot and often try new things. I find dishes that combine different cuisines particularly exciting. Maple syrup is in my opinion a perfect ingredient to add a special twist. So I do not only want some sweetness, I use maple syrup as a spice. No surprise that my favorite happy maple syrup is the Robuste. I love its intense full-bodied flavor and use it most for dressings or to caramelize vegetables, preferably peppers or Brussels sprouts. Even my two little kids like them that way.

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