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A collaboration we are insanely proud of: happy maple & ** Michelin Restaurant Anne-Sophie Pic

Thibaut Honajzer, Chef Pâtissier at the two Michelin star Restaurant Anne-Sophie Pic created this delicious pre-dessert which is naturally sweetened with happy maple Goût Robuste, which is characterized by its caramel note. It was a limited offer, served in December.

We are proud of all our collaborations and they mean a lot to us. They are a sign of recognition and appreciation of the high quality of happy maple. And we are honored that Thibaut has used our syrup in a top restaurant where the standards for ingredients are particularly high.

Thibaut's creation "Quince Pomelo Maple Syrup" looks like art and our founder Sophie was lucky enough to try it and has been raving about it until today 😉: "The blend of acidity and sweetness is so incredibly harmonious. In addition, these different consistencies of creamy sorbet, crunchy granola and the gel make this dessert an incomparable experience."

And these are the individual components of "Quince Pomelo Maple Syrup":

  • happy maple syrup

  • compote and poached quince

  • quince vinegar gel

  • pink pomelo

  • granola of pecan, oats and apple

  • quince pomelo sorbet

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