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A few questions for Sophie, founder of happy maple

"What I like most about my job is that I so often have the opportunity to meet like-minded people. People who share my ideas. People who love to cook and value healthy and high-quality food. It's just wonderful to see the ideas and recipes that come out of it. That's what motivates me the most."

Because of her passion for healthy food and design, Sophie decided to start a business: happy maple. In this article, she reveals how it all came about, what incentives and challenges she faced, what successes, but also what setbacks accompanied her on her way.

When did you launch the happy maple brand and what is the concept?

In February 2020. The idea was to create a Swiss brand of organic maple syrup, hand-harvested in Quebec (Canada) and bottled in beautiful bottles. Since maple syrup is not a product that is anchored in European culture, we made it our mission to educate people about maple syrup, to teach them how to use it. We show this with simple recipes that are appropriate for the season. We've developed three flavors that range from a light, creamy profile to a distinct, caramelized flavor profile for different uses in cooking or baking. The maple syrup of happy maple is a high quality product whose origin is unique and traceable, the date of harvest is noted on each bottle, which has positive characteristics in addition. happy maple is a brand that grows with its community, that inspires and is inspired, that promotes an environmentally conscious everyday life, respect for nature and the promotion of the valorization of the arts and crafts. It is also a brand that collaborates and networks with like-minded people. That works with partners with the same values, who care about the aspect of humanity.

Why did you found happy maple? What were your motivations?

What was your profession before you founded happy maple?

What sacrifices did you have to make to start your business?

What risks did you have to take to do that?

What motivates you?

What were the obstacles and difficulties?

What goals did you set for yourself and did you achieve them?

Where do you see yourself in five years?

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