• Susanne

How do I use happy maple?

Want to avoid industrial sugar and sweeten healthier? Then our light Goût Délicat with its subtle maple note is the perfect partner. Whether in yogurt, in coffee variations, matcha or delicious cocktails, the syrup provides a pleasant sweetness.

For savory dishes, such as for refining sauces, roasted vegetables or Asian dishes, the Goût Riche is a real allrounder. It is characterized by a balanced and creamy maple flavor. Our happy maple tip: A dash of Goût Riche in salad dressing adds a wonderful twist.

Goût Robuste is the most flavorful syrup in the happy maple range, with distinct caramel and maple notes, and happy maple founder Sophie's absolute favorite for popcorn. It's also great for baking. But it makes for sure a great addition to BBQ sauces or marinades. Oven-baked veggies, fish and meats get a delicious crust after soaking in a Goût Robuste oil blend.

You will find numerous recipes on our blog and on our Instagram @happymaple.ch. Ultimately, however, the use of happy maple is always a matter of taste: whether you want a fairly neutral sweetness for your recipe or a special spice. Have fun trying it out!

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