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How is happy maple made?

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Our happy maple syrup is extracted from the sugar maple in the forests of Quebec, Canada. Spring is "tapp season," harvest time. For extraction, taps are drilled into the trunk and the clear tree sap flows directly into a collection container. The only trees from which the sap will be axtracted are the ones that are over 40 years old. Only a small percentage of the sap is collected, about 5%, in order to spare the tree. For the sap to flow, certain conditions are required: Sunny weather with temperatures just above zero during the day and barely negative at night.

At the beginning of the season, our Goût Délicat is harvested. A couple of days later follows the Goût Riche. Goût Robuste is tapped at the end of the season, before sap appears.

What makes our happy maple products so special and so delicious is primarily the purity and care with which the syrup is extracted. Conventional maple syrup often comes from several producers and is blended. Our happy maple syrup comes from a single farmer. He boils each batch until a high-quality, flavorful and delicious maple experience is guaranteed.

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