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Maple Frappuccino

If you're a huge fan of Frappuccino, here’s a delicious, healthier homemade version made with Happy Maple, Goût riche, which literally tastes like caramel, only better.


  • 1 espresso shot

  • Double amount of oat or almond milk

  • A few almonds

  • Chocolate chips

  • 20-30g happy maple, goût Riche

  • A bunch of ice cubes

  • Extra foamy oat milk (optional)

Enjoy 🤍

This recipe has been prepared by Chef Tosca for Happy Maple with goût Riche. Let us know, if you like this recipe and tag it #happymapleswitzerland on Instagram so we can see. We also love seeing your comments and ratings. It’s the ultimate internet ego boost !

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