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May we present: Mademoiselle Maple Syrup Blueberry

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

This news will delight anyone with a sweet tooth from Lausanne and the surrounding area: there's a new cupcake at Royaume Mélazic. "Mlle Sirop d'érable-Myrtille" consists of a light fluffy vanilla pastry with blueberries and a cream topping of happy maple and blueberry. The new creation was launched on the occasion of the Miam Festival in Lausanne and from now on the delicious pastry is an integral part of Royaume Mélazic's assortment. We are very excited about how wonderfully the acidity of the fruit and the sweetness of the maple syrup harmonize.

We are so happy about the cooperation with Royaume Mélazic. We have known the founders Mélanie and Soizic for a long time through instagram, from various food events and are mutual fans of our products ♡.

Since maple syrup and baking go together so well anyway, it made sense to combine this top duo in one product. By the way: Our happy maple Goût Robuste is not only perfect as a flavoring in baked goods, it also sweetens healthier than conventional sugar and is vegan to boot. Learn more how to replace sugar with happy maple.

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