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More than a joint product: happy maple meets Fit 'n' Tasty

If you have often followed our recipes here on the blog or on Instagram, then you already know that we mainly cook and bake vegan. On the one hand, because we value high quality and healthy products. But also because the aspect of sustainability is very close to our hearts. Our happy maple team does not exclusively consist of vegan members, but we all love good food and are open minded for new things in the kitchen. And so, over the last few years, we have tried more and more to replace meat and especially dairy products. There are now countless great plant based products that make it easy for even non-vegans to use.

It starts with breakfast. We only use plant based milk in our coffee and for our muesli we have created a delicious recipe with almond milk. We use the Almond Shake from Fit 'n' Tasty. A touch of vanilla and cinnamon makes the milk especially delicious. And our happy maple Délicat gives it a subtle sweetness. In general, our Délicat maple syrup is the ideal natural and vegan sugar substitute, for example in coffee variations, matcha or even cocktails.

But we have much more in common with Fit 'n' Tasty. Like happy maple, Fit 'n' Tasty is a small company based in Lausanne. We are particularly pleased that Fit 'n' Tasty, like us, attaches importance to the environmental aspect. It is important to us that the production and origin of our products are sustainable. Even though it is often not easy for small companies to be completely sustainable due to cost and logistical reasons, both happy maple and Fit 'n' Tasty are constantly working to achieve this.

And even outside of work, we're committed to making our contribution to a better environment through small changes, like shopping by bike, reducing waste, and recycling as much as possible. That makes a lot of difference. Because if we all put in a little effort and change habits, we can have an impactful effect.

If you feel like it, feel free to tell us in the comments what actions you take to make your everyday life more eco-friendly.

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