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happy maple x White Rabbit Bakery

Updated: May 16, 2023

Cinnamon and maple syrup... It's kind of like popcorn and watching a movie. It just goes together wonderfully. We are happy to talk to you about our collaboration with White Rabbit Bakery from Zurich. Bianca, the founder, bakes the most delicious cinnamon buns, cardamom buns as well as sticky buns that are not only vegan but sweetened with our happy maple syrup.

Bianca is from Denmark and started her bakery out of necessity: she missed the local sweet pastries from her home country so much that she decided without further ado to wield the stirring spoon herself. White Rabbit Bakery has been around since April 2020, and her cinnamon rolls have always been her bakery's bestseller and have already been dubbed the "Best Vegan Cinnamon Rolls in Town".

The delicious yeast bites are available at MOON SHOP in Zurich as well as BEL-AIR COFFEE in Lausanne. And for those with a sweet tooth who don't have the chance to get their hands on the treats, we have a little consolation: to celebrate our collaboration, there will be 2 giveaways coming up soon. Follow us on Instagram and stay up to date!

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