• Susanne

Peanut sauce for summer rolls

This creamy, gingery peanut sauce is full of flavors. And our happy maple Goût Riche creates the perfect balance to the salty soy sauce. You can also use this sauce as a veggie dip or for wraps. Enjoy!

Ingredients for dipping about 10 summer rolls

  • 3 tsp creamy peanut butter

  • 3 Tsp soy sauce

  • 2 tsp happy maple Goût Riche

  • 1 Tsp toasted sesame oil

  • 6g fresh ginger

  • 1/2 clove of garlic

  • water as needed

How to

  1. Blend all ingredients in a mixer until smooth.

  2. Add water gradually until you have a nice creamy consistency.

  3. Serve with your favorite summer rolls.

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