Every maple lovers dream come true! This unique trio of products gives you the opportunity to taste and try our three maple syrups in everything and anything: as a sweetener in your tea or coffee, on your pancakes, in baked goods, or even as a marinade. You'll have enough of each product to last you both trial, experimentation and mastery of your new favourite recipes!

Goût Délicat, our ealy harvest product tapped on 07/04/2020 has light maple notes and is perfect as a healthier sugar swap alternative in your coffee as well as caramelizing anything from pecans to onions beautifully.

Goût Riche, our mid season product tapped on 17/04/2020 has the quintessential maple flavour most have come to love and enjoy. It's the great "all around" product that can be used for anything- especially on pancakes.... Our preferred way to consume it? Salad dressings!


Goût Robuste, our late harvest product tapped on 27/04/2020 is deep and complex with a slight mollases flavour to finish. This product is perfect for marinades and baking since only a little will go a LONG way!

Big Discovery Trio (3x240 ml)

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  • 100% pure, Grade-A, single origin Canadian Maple Syrup (3 x 240 ml)