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A collection of single origin premium maple syrup with different levels of bodies to use in everything and anything: as a sweetener in your tea or coffee, on your pancakes, to balance out your savoury dishes, or to replace sugars in any baked goods.


N°1 Goût Délicat. Harvested at the beginning of the sugar season, this pure maple syrup offers a mild and delicate flavour with a light maple aftertaste. Perfect to replace sugars naturally in yoghurts, tea, coffee, matcha, lemonades, cocktails or smoothies.

N°2 Goût Riche. Harvested just a couple of days later and is the quintessential "all around" product that is loved on pancakes, waffles, crepes or just on a spoon. Goût Riche is also used to balance savoury dishes. It is delicious in salad dressings, goes perfectly well to any vegetalbles, gives a nice comforting touch to soups, in tomato sauces and amazing in combination with soja sauce and peanut butter.


N°3 Goût Robuste. This late harvest maple syrup has a deep and complex maple caramel flavour. It is excellent to replace sugar or honey for baking or to caramelise onions, nuts, or seeds in a natural way. Goût Robuste is amazing to use in marinades or sauces for fish, meat, tofu or vegetables, for BBQ sauces or to caramelise any food. People love it as a vegan alternative to honey.


You will taste the premium quality, the purity, the love and the effort that we put into our premium maple syrups to offer a healthier alternative to sugars. Discover many delicious and seasonal maple recipes on our blog, instagram or facebook.

Maple syrup trio, 3x240ml

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