The product range

What makes Happy Maple products unique? Single-Origin products ranging from early to late harvest that linger on your palette long after you've cleared your plate. We can tell you exactly which farm the products come from and on which day the trees were tapped resulting in a pure, never blended product that delivers real maple flavor, as nature intended it.


Goût Delicat

Tapped on 07.04.2019 at the beginning of the sugaring season, this maple syrup variant has a mild or delicate taste and is ideal for topping yoghurt, in your tea or coffee, or caramelizing foods.

Goût Riche

Tapped on 20.04.2019 in the middle of the sugaring season, this maple syrup variant has a perfectly balanced and familiar maple flavor.  It’s an excellent all-around syrup, perfect for salad dressings, in drink recipes, or in baking and cooking.


Goût Robuste

Tapped on 25.04.2019 at the end of the season when the first signs of sap appear in the maple water, this maple syrup variant has a uniquely pronounced flavor with a strong character and is ideal for baking and marinating meat and fish.

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