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single-origin maple syrup | certified organic | antioxidant rich | naturally delicious

Whether you’re looking for a healthier sugar swap alternative, love the rich and broad flavours maple syrup can offer, or simply love natural, single ingredient foods, we’re certain you’ll find our line of organic Happy Maple products to tick the box on nutritious, delicious, and versatile for every culinary occasion.


delicate, medium or full bodied taste, there's a maple syrup for every occassion

Browse our product range to learn more about each of our offerings. Each of our maple syrup variants, from early to late harvest, offers a different taste experience for a broad spectrum of uses.

Our guiding principles

Happy Maple has been inspired by our Canadian ties, the desire for a healthier sweetener in our daily lives and a demand for more transparency in where our food comes from.

Taste above all

From delicate maple notes to bold pronounced maple taste, our full range of early to late harvest syrups are delicious and packed full of flavour.

Unparalleled health benefits

A viable and healthier sugar alternative, maple syrup is rich in 67 antioxidants, as well as a source of calcium, copper, riboflavin and manganese.

From tree to table

From our producer’s farm in Canada to our local partners in Switzerland, we know exactly where our products come from with an emphasis on sustainability.

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Happy Maple Goût Riche