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DIY Christmas gift idea: maple candied pecans

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Those pecans will turn out sweet and salty. Some chayenne pepper provides a nice heat and the rosemary adds a woodsy aromatic note. This flavor mix is simply unbelievably delicious, promised. The hardest part about this recipe is toasting the nuts. Just don't walk away and stir constantly. This will prevent uneven toasting or burning. As soon as they are done, toss them onto a cool tray or plate. The other steps are pretty simple. Pack them into a brown paper bag, decorate it with some twigs and a cute personal tag and voilà: there is your homade Christmas present.


  • 60g happy maple Goût Robuste

  • salt

  • 230g pecans


  • 2 rosemary branches, leaves removed

  • 1/4 tsp ground cayenne pepper

How to

  1. Toss the nuts together with the salt and the maple syrup in a bowl and mix well until all nuts are coated. You can add 2 Tsp of olive oil to add more flavour and to help seasonings stick better.

  2. Bake the pecans at 180°C in the oven for 5 to 10 minutes. Stir or shake the tray occasionally so the nuts brown evenly without burning. Don’t walk away! They can go from zero to burnt in under a minute. Toss them immediately onto a cool tray.

  3. Here you can add the rosemary leaves and / or the cayenne pepper and toss.

  4. Cool on a non-sticking sheet (parchment paper will do) that the pecans stick together.

These caramelised pecans are stunning on top of a salad bowl, a granola, joghurt, or as a simple snack.

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